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Super Penguin is an original story by Rob Witzel. This is a superhero “origin story” written by and for super hero fans of all ages, about a little penguin who goes toe to toe (or beak to beak) with some dangerous foes!

Books are available now and ship within 2 business days!

Don’t forget to check out the blog for updates from Rob and feel free to email questions and follow “Super Penguin” on Facebook and Instagram!

Latest from the Blog

May Update

Hey friends! It’s been a couple months since I last posted on the blog. There’s been A TON going on, and I’m shifting gears to post on the blog a little less frequently. If you’ve not been following along on Facebook, I wanted to share some various things that have gone on in the last…

The Future of Super Penguin

I spend a lot of time day dreaming. Usually, it’s strategic day dreaming where I internally steer my thinking to be about Super Penguin and where his story goes next. As I wrote book one, I had most of book two in mind. I’ve struggled at times while writing book two, because I didn’t know…

Convention Stories Part 1

This weekend starts our 2023 Tour! I’m stating the obvious, but I absolutely LOVE going to conventions. I’ve been incredibly blessed to go to several of them, and was able to meet so many of my favorite writers, artists and actors. My first thought was to write a single blog post about my favorite convention…

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