Convention Stories Part 1

This weekend starts our 2023 Tour! I’m stating the obvious, but I absolutely LOVE going to conventions. I’ve been incredibly blessed to go to several of them, and was able to meet so many of my favorite writers, artists and actors. My first thought was to write a single blog post about my favorite conventionContinue reading “Convention Stories Part 1”

SVUE Writing Contest

Before I start this week’s blog post, there’s some very important business I need to take care of …Alayna, Aaliyah, Gabby, Dez, Jose, Lariah, and Elliana, here is the official “shout out” I promised on Thursday. The kids pictured above are all fifth and sixth grade students at South View Upper Elementary School in Danville,Continue reading “SVUE Writing Contest”

Super Penguin 2–January Update

Hey Friends! This won’t be a very long blog post, but it’s an important one! I’ve had a lot of questions recently asking, “When is Super Penguin 2 is coming out?” “How’s the second book coming?” and “Why didn’t you do any laundry today?” (Ok, only my wife asked the last question, but I haveContinue reading “Super Penguin 2–January Update”

D102 Old Fashioned Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my friends! This year I am a part of D102’s Old Fashioned Christmas, an over the radio (and podcast) storytelling event with a few Christmas stories and excerpts from Super Penguin. The readings will play on D102 on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, or you can listen anytimeContinue reading “D102 Old Fashioned Christmas”