My Struggle With Imposter Syndrome Part 2

Two weeks ago I shared about a struggle I had with “Imposter Syndrome”. Being in that mental state is a constant battle for me. Those thoughts haven’t gone away, and I don’t know if they ever will. That’s the bad news. The good news is, I found some ways to ignore (or perhaps, disprove) theContinue reading “My Struggle With Imposter Syndrome Part 2”

My Struggle with “Imposter Syndrome” Part 1

This weekend I attended the “Global Leadership Summit”. It’s a two-day event with host sites all over the world, focused on making better leaders. Speakers from different industries and professions give lectures on a number of topics like taking risks, empowering your crew and civility. One that stuck out to me was about being yourContinue reading “My Struggle with “Imposter Syndrome” Part 1″

What Is “Super Penguin” ?

First and foremost, THANK YOU! I am blown away by how much support, Facebook followers and subscribers to the blog I’ve already received! Nearly 150 fans already and the book is still seven months away from it’s target release date. As I reflected on that, I realized how few people know what the book isContinue reading “What Is “Super Penguin” ?”

The Story Behind the Story

I think what really gets me excited about this whole book-making process is looking back at the journey. Super Penguin isn’t something new for me, it’s been something floating around in my head for nearly fifteen years! Here’s what happened… I was a junior at Danville High School and I sat in study hall, boredContinue reading “The Story Behind the Story”