Penguin Facts

It probably shouldn’t come as a surprise, but I really enjoy learning about penguins. Over the years, I’ve learned some cool tidbits about them, and I hadn’t posted anything in awhile, so it seemed like this would be a fun, random post about penguin facts!

–Adult penguins have no predators on land. Eggs and chicks are at risk of getting picked off by some Antarctic birds, and there are some predators like killer whales and snow leopards in the water, but if the birds just stay on land, they are free from harm!

–Excluding zoos, penguins don’t live any further north than the equator. Although some get pretty close to it. Not all penguins like the cold! Meanwhile, polar bears only live in the Arctic. In Super Penguin, our hero is best friends with a polar bear named Annie. While they are best friends in the book, they’d never even cross paths in our world!

–It’s really difficult to tell if a penguin is a male or female…places like Sea World have to send feathers in for testing to determine the gender. It’s also really difficult for penguins to tell the difference between penguin genders. Its not uncommon for same gender couples to exist, simply because they didn’t know if their partner was male or female.

–While there hasn’t been an official race, gentoo penguins are regarded as the fastest penguin swimmers. They can reach speeds of about 23 miles per hour in the water!

If you liked hearing about these facts, let me know in the comments which one surprised you the most!

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