My Valentine

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I wanted to write a post about my valentine, Halley, and the integral part she played in this story getting done.

As I mentioned in the previous post, Halley found out about Super Penguin one night, and she encouraged me to write about him. This isn’t the exact picture but it would have looked something like this..

I know, I know…it’s awful. I think when I showed it to her, it was meant to be a joke and an example of my lack of artistic ability. I never got the laugh I was expecting, and instead she told me how much she liked the idea. She asked to hear more, and wanted to know about his world and the other characters in that world. I spent the next few months trying to come up with answers. I’d daydream for hours, playing make believe in my head. Fast forward through months of daydreaming, note-taking and writing the first few drafts. Halley surprised me with a gift. It blew me away. She had kept the drawing, and constructed this…

I still struggle with words to describe how it makes me feel. Halley believed in Super Penguin and me, when I didn’t believe in either of those things. Her love and encouragement were monumental in this process. I’m so thankful for Halley, my forever Valentine.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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