12/27 Book Update

Good evening friends! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying the final days of 2021! This has been a crazy year for me on this book making journey (and a crazy year in general!). Just as the year is closing out, so is the publishing process. Today I submitted the second of two “proofs” and submitted my last minute tweaks. The book cover is still being created, but after that the book will go on to printing!

I’ve got some other announcements to share too. First off, the Pre-Order window is still open and will be until the books begin printing (then we will switch to regular orders). Any books I sell directly, earn me a larger share of the profits, so my goal is to sell direct as much as possible. However, that also means I have to order the books first. By preordering, you’ll help me know how many books to get on my first order which will help me get books to you faster!.

To those that have already preordered: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Not only am I grateful that you’re interested in my book, you’re also giving me an opportunity to learn important lessons about selling online and the whole process that comes with it. You should have received (or should be receiving soon) a thank you note in the mail. If you’ve not gotten one by New Years, please contact me on the comments page as I might not have your correct address.

Last but not least, I’m putting together a book tour of sorts. I’ll be attending as many conventions around the country as I can selling books and hopefully building a fanbase. If you have any suggestions (or even better connections!) to conventions, libraries, book stores or anywhere else that would be interested in having me for a few hours, I would love to hear from you! Write me a message in the comments below, or send me a message on the comments page! No event is too big or too small! As events are booked, I’ll continue to update the website!

I hope everyone reading this has a wonderful last few days of 2021 and an even better 2022!

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