Meet Annie Freese

As I stated in my cover reveal post, each of the next four Sundays I will do a short “introduction” on each of the characters featured on the cover. For week number one, I chose polar bear Annie Freese. I chose her first because, while I love all of my characters, she’s probably my favorite. Annie is Paul/Super Penguin’s best friend, though she treats him more like her brother than a friend. She’s tough, but sweet, and she packs a punch. Of all the character’s in the book, she is unequivocally the strongest and she displays that a time or two when needed.

For Book #1 she fits into the “best friend of the hero” archetype, but looking ahead to Book #2 and beyond she has a very BIG role!

Fun Facts about Annie:

  • Her favorite food is the anchovy sandwich.
  • She works with Paul as writers at their local newspaper, The Eagle City Inquirer.
  • Besides Super Penguin, she was the first character I dreamed up (and one of the few I didn’t change her name multiple times)
  • Her name is a pun for “anti-freeze”
  • In “real life” polar bears are native to the arctic, while penguins mostly live in the antarctic. Excluding zoos, penguins do not live anywhere in the northern hemisphere and polar bears do not live in the southern hemisphere. The chances of a polar bear meeting a penguin in the wild is zero. To me her friendship with Super Penguin symbolizes how sometimes the unlikeliest of friendships are the best ones.
  • When I came up with the idea for Annie, I made myself 3 rules for her and promised to never break them. 1) She is NEVER a damsel in distress 2) There isn’t anyone stronger, but she’s not invincible. I can’t tell you about rule #3, my inner circle knows about it, and you’ll find out about that in Book #2.

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