Meet General Talon

Good evening friends! I’m so sorry I missed last week’s character introduction. I’ve been a little bit under the weather, but better now and back on track with blog posts! This week’s character is the villain of the story, General Tobias Talon.

General Talon is a Komodo dragon. He worked his way up through the military, before taking over the family business, DragonCorp. He’s strong, wealthy, smart, and determined to do ANYTHING to get what he wants… and what he wants is bad news for the citizens of Eagle City!

Fun Facts about General Talon:

  • I chose a Komodo dragon for the villain because I’m genuinely afraid of these creatures. Monstrous lizards, with giant claws and razor sharp teeth…yikes!
  • My favorite conversations to write were ones with Talon. He’s powerful both physically and socially, he’s blunt and almost every one he speaks with is terrified of him.
  • Several of my favorite comic book villains went into the inspiration behind General Talon. The two biggest influences are Spider-Man’s Kingpin, and the X-men’s Sabertooth.

Books are coming soon!!! There’s still time to preorder your copy if you haven’t done so already!

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