3/13/22 Book Update

Good afternoon friends! I wanted to give you all a quick update on the book!

I was informed at the end of last week that my “Author Copy” has shipped and the tracking info says it should arrive this Tuesday, March 15th! The rest of the books are currently being printed!

On Tuesday evening, I will do an unboxing video for the Author Copy that will be shared on the website and the social media accounts. I should start receiving your books after another week or two!

I will send lots of updates on the process: when they’ve been shipped, when I receive them, when they’ve been signed, and when I’m shipping your books to you! I encourage you to go to the home page of the website and sign up for alerts so you get the most up to date news sent right to your email! Don’t forget to follow Super Penguin on Facebook and Instagram too!

Once again, thank you so much for all the love and support!


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