Meet Sam Hart

This week’s character introduction is Super Penguin’s other ally, Sampson “Sam” Hart.

Sam is the leader of the hero group and he is the one responsible for training Super Penguin to become the hero. He once served as the Chief of Police for Eagle City before some “things” happened (no spoilers). Now, he’s in hiding and working tirelessly to take down General Talon and DragonCorp.

Fun Facts about Sam:

  • In my first outlines and drafts, Sam had a few different names and took the most time to settle on the right name, the longest placeholder was “Zeus” before I settled on “Sam”.
  • The inspiration for Sam came from a combination of several characters from various things. His first name comes from the Bible story of Sampson (and like the Biblical character, Sam falls in love with the very dangerous “Lyla”). His last name “Hart”, comes from “Brave Heart Lion”, a character from one of my childhood favorites “The Care Bears.”
  • His straggly hair and Hawaiian shirt were inspired by the infamous Nick Nolte mug shot (though Sam is much more responsible than Mr. Nolte). The eye patch was inspired by all the cool heroes who have eye patches, most notably Nick Fury and Snake Plissken.

Next week I will do the final introduction with the titular character Super Penguin!

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