Book Update–March 29, 2022

Good evening friends! I wanted to give you a quick update on where I am at with getting you your books!

As of this post, I have not received the first 24 books that were auto-shipped. Once I get those, I plan on signing them that night, and shipping them out the next day. Those books will go to Brittany G, Katie S, Logan L (2), Gardner P (2), Carol S (2), Bobbi Jo W (5), Eric W, and Scott D (10)

The next wave of books have been ordered and I am told that it’s about a two-week process to get them to my door. There were just over 100 books preordered (I’m still blown away by the love and support! Thank you!) I am going to sign, seal and deliver them as fast as possible, in the order that they were ordered.

I’ve ordered an additional supply of books with the preorders, so if you missed out on the preorder, you can still order a copy today! All books ordered through the website will be signed by yours truly. Click above to order yours!

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