Super Penguin: The Movie

I asked members of my inner circle, who read the Super Penguin drafts, to do a little homework assignment. I had them each put on their Hollywood Casting Director hat on and gave the assignment that IF Super Penguin was turned into a movie, who would voice each of the main characters? Here are their answers!


  • Paul Frost/Super Penguin–Jonathan Groff
  • Annie Freese–Drew Barrymore
  • Sam Hart–Liam Neeson
  • General Talon–Jeremy Irons


  • Paul Frost/Super Penguin—Steven Yeun
  • Annie Freese–Scarlett Johannson
  • Sam Hart–David Harbour
  • General Talon–Dwayne Johnson


  • Paul Frost/Super Penguin—Joseph Gordon-Levitt
  • Annie Freese–Evan Rachel Wood
  • Sam Hart–Idris Elba
  • General Talon–Sean Bean

Books will be in very soon! When you’ve read your copy of “Super Penguin” come back and let me know who YOU would cast for each role!

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