I’ve been really working on being more of a “half glass full” kind of guy. Today I feel like I was tested on this, and I feel like I passed.

I sold 3 books today for day one of Indy Pop Con. Three! A glass half empty guy, would tell you I lost today. But I feel like I’m winning! I’m building my brand, expanding Super Penguin’s audience, and making connections with people I never met before today.

I met Jonah, who shares the same admiration I do for penguins, and bought the book because they are his favorite animal. If he’s true to his word, he’s reading Super Penguin in his hotel room as I type this blog post.

I met Elayna who bought the book for her 10 year old nephew, and Super Penguin looked like something he’d enjoy.

Last but not least, I met Luke who really digs super heroes. After talking to Gardner and I for a minute, he thought Super Penguin sounded like something he’d enjoy and he bought a copy too.

Selling these three books are baby steps in my big picture plan. But baby steps forward, are still steps forward and I’m so excited for each of them.

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