National Friendship Day

I recently downloaded an app called “Today Is…” that tells users the National _______ Day for each day. When I downloaded it, my hope was it would inspire some things to write about for the blog, let me know when the penguin-themed holidays are and maybe lead to some Google searches that would then lead me to some cool penguin stuff that I would share. Today on the calendar it reads, “National Friendship Day”. Here’s some information on the history of “National Friendship Day.

I gush about my friends a lot on here. Probably to the point of embarrassing them, but I mean it when I say that Super Penguin doesn’t exist without the friendships I’ve had over the last 15 years. My high school lunch table friends who read my silly comics, college buddies who I shared my desires to write with who encouraged me, and my adult friends now who continue to support my dream in so many different ways. The importance of friendship is a theme I try to include in my stories. The relationship Paul/Super Penguin has with Annie and Sam are pieces and parts of my friendships with different people. Annie represents my closest friends. We have our silly, lighthearted moments but when I need them most, they are there for me. Sam represents some of my older friends who have acted as mentors for me. There’s even one character who starts on the villain team, and later fights along side Super Penguin. I have friends that while we weren’t “enemies” when we first met, I could not stand them. Over time, a friendship developed and now I can’t imagine life without those people.

Having learned about National Friendship Day, I’m adding it to my “real calendar” and aim to celebrate it every year. “How do you celebrate National Friendship Day?” you might ask. Here’s a list from

  • Get in contact with your buddies for a chat or visit.
  • Accept an invitation to meet new people. You might make life-long friendships you didn’t know could exist.
  • Share a memory with old friends to spark a fun conversation.
  • Tell your friends how much you appreciate them.
  • Challenge your circle of friends to share an experience they think none of your other friends have had. You’ll discover new things about your friends and find out just how unique each of them is. 
  • Mail a card to your friend.

Happy National Friendship Day to all my friends!

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