September Check In

Good morning friends! It’s been far too long since my last post, and I wanted to provide a little bit of an update on me and Super Penguin.

This fall is slated to be one of my busiest seasons and I’ve been working hard on finding balance. Parker is getting bigger and more curious every day. He’s so close to walking so there’s a lot of excitement around that. Football season has started! For those of you that didn’t know this about me, for the last 10 years or so I have done the color commentary for WRHK in Danville. So most Friday nights, I’m on the airways talking about football. Add in most of my family’s birthdays, Packer games and of course my real job, it’s harder than ever to find time to write. Though it’s not nearly as frequent as I’d like, I am still finding pockets of time to work on Super Penguin 2.

This fall is also loaded with book selling events! I started the book tour with a plan to do one event a month. But as opportunities arose, I jumped on them and I’ve now found myself scheduled for an event four out of the next five weekends! It’ll be an exciting stretch and can’t wait to get started, but it’ll be a test to be able to find the balance with so much going on. One of the events is in my hometown of Danville, Illinois at the Danville Public Library on October 1st. It’s a Local Author Fair, and I’m extra excited to be a part of that one! If you live in or near Danville, make sure to stop in and say hello!

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