“Execution” Update

Hello friends! I hope the first two weeks on January are treating you well! If you set a New Year Resolution, I hope you’re kicking butt and taking names! I mentioned in a previous blogpost that I’ve stepped away from resolutions and have shifted my focus to a single word for the year. “Execution” is the word for 2023. Here is a quick update on some short term goals I set for myself that fit in that category.

Finish Super Penguin 2 in 2023– As I write this, the sequel sits at 9,248 words. By the end of tonight’s writing session I’ll be over 10,000. I didn’t realize it until now, but Super Penguin was just under 23,000 words. I’ve got a lot of story left for SP2, and before I went back and looked at book one, I didn’t truly realize how far I’ve gone with SP2. I’m really bad at projecting how many words a story is even after it’s printed, so I have no idea how high SP2’s word count will go, but tonight’s realization of how much work I’ve done shot through me like a lightning bolt of excitement and energy!

Merchandise–There will be an announcement in a few weeks! I’ve got some work to do, but this plan is in motion! But that’s all you get to know for now!

Audiobook–I’m working with my good friend Logan Lee on some ideas for this. Things I love about working with Logan 1) Before the book was printed, he was a Super Penguin Super Fan 2) We are frequently on the same goofy/creative/fun wavelength 3) He says “yes” to me, more often than he ought to. So the idea is sort of morphing and evolving. We are still doing an audio book, but there may be a bigger project down the line that I’m super excited to share, though it may be a year or two from now. I used some Christmas present gift cards for recording equipment, now it’s just a matter of finding a quiet place to record.

Bi-weekly blog posts–I’m killing that right now with weekly blog posts since December 10th! Woot woot! I’ve got a few ideas for the next few weeks. My strategy for blogging has changed. Usually, I’d wait until Sunday morning and if I had something to say, I’d blog. If I didn’t have any ideas, I wouldn’t. Now I’m keeping a list at my desk for ideas. It seems like I always have 1-2 ideas. Thankfully by the time I use those ideas, 1-2 more have taken their place.

Tik-Tok–You may have seen my Facebook/Instagram post about the penguin puppet. I’ve had that puppet for about 6 months and he’s just been sitting in my office. Please help me come up with a name! I love the ideas coming in so far! I still need to learn how to use Tim Tok as a creator instead of a viewer, so that’ll take some time. But I’m hopeful to have at least a couple videos up before the 2023 Tour begins!

Though never diagnosed by a doctor, I’m pretty sure I have some form of ADD (my wife and closest friends will tell you I definitely have some form of ADD). Prioritization is hard for me sometimes, so I have to spell it out for myself. If I don’t spell it out, the Top 10 most important things in my life will be left untouched, items 11-20 will be barely worked on, and I’ll be transfixed with something that shouldn’t be in the Top 100 (like re-organizing all of my X-Men movies from release date chronological order to chronological within the movie universe, which gets really confusing when you consider the events of Days of Future Past…wait, I’m doing it again..dang it!). So here’s my list of my top responsibilities while at home or working from home. 1) Be a good Dad and Husband 2) Spend time writing SP2 3) Keep up the blog 4) Start the Tik Tok 5) Finish the Merchandise 6) Audio Book 7) New Mystery Audio Project

Have a great week!

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