Super Penguin 2–January Update

Hey Friends! This won’t be a very long blog post, but it’s an important one! I’ve had a lot of questions recently asking, “When is Super Penguin 2 is coming out?” “How’s the second book coming?” and “Why didn’t you do any laundry today?” (Ok, only my wife asked the last question, but I have heard it a lot!)

So here’s an update on how things are going!

  • I’ve fully outlined Super Penguin 2, I know most of what’s going to happen. I say “most” because I occasionally ad-lib or even steer away from the outline as I write my draft. It’s a weird part of my process but an important one. Some of the best (in my opinion) side characters and scenes in Book One wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for my ADD-fueled sidetracks. I also start thinking about the next book while I write this one. That’s something I did in Book One and I included a bit of (probably) undetected foreshadowing that will pay off in Book 2.
  • I’ve written about 40% of Super Penguin 2…I think. I’m really bad with forecasting numbers, so in reality, that sentence should probably read, “I’ve written about 25-65% of Super Penguin 2.” But 40% sounds more official and update-y, so we’ll go with that!
  • That first 40% has been printed and I am sending it off to the best English major I know to start the editing process. Thanks to all the nice things people like you said about the first book, I’m not nearly as afraid/nervous about dropping off these pages.
  • My goal is to be selling Super Penguin 2 by Christmas 2023.
See! Look! I printed parts of Super Penguin 2!

Have a great week!

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