D102 Old Fashioned Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my friends! This year I am a part of D102’s Old Fashioned Christmas, an over the radio (and podcast) storytelling event with a few Christmas stories and excerpts from Super Penguin. The readings will play on D102 on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, or you can listen anytimeContinue reading “D102 Old Fashioned Christmas”

Evansville RaptorCon: The Year One Finale

Hello friends! This weekend we were in Evansville, Indiana for RaptorCon which also happens to be our final convention stop of 2022! This year has been an incredible experience! I’ve learned so much, and so much fun at all the conventions, book fairs and other events! RaptorCon was a great little convention. I’m told it’sContinue reading “Evansville RaptorCon: The Year One Finale”

Super Penguin and the WWE

This weekend, while selling books at FanBoy Expo, I met one of my favorite WWE superstars and WWE Hall of Famer, Rikishi. As I talked with my non-wrestling-fan friend, Gardner, about the wrestler, and what it was like to watch Rikishi, I had a realization that wrestlers like Rikishi had quite an impact on aContinue reading “Super Penguin and the WWE”

Divine Appointments, Dyslexia and “Set Apart”

A few years ago, in a Sunday morning sermon, I first heard the term “divine appointments.” All these years later, my definition of the term is, “meeting the right person, at the right time and it being so important that it couldn’t just be coincidence, and in my opinion, God had something with making sureContinue reading “Divine Appointments, Dyslexia and “Set Apart””