Community Connection with Laura Williams

Hello friends! I’m on vacation this week, so no blog post. However, last week I was able to be a guest on the Community Connection with one of my favorite people, Laura Williams. You can listen with the link below! Have a great week!

My First Friend, Nick, and the Importance of Play

When talking about Super Penguin, I’m frequently asked, “How do you come up with this stuff?” or “Where do these ideas come from?” My responses are usually “I don’t know, I just do,” and ” I don’t know where they come from, they just kinda appear.” Those responses may seem like copouts but they areContinue reading “My First Friend, Nick, and the Importance of Play”

Meeting J. Lee at Indy PopCon

Last week, Super Penguin made its first convention appearance at Indy PopCon. While we were there, I had the pleasure of meeting actor, J. Lee. J is best known for his role as Chief Commander John LaMarr on the Hulu sci-fi comedy, The Orville, which previously aired on Fox. My wife, Halley, and I areContinue reading “Meeting J. Lee at Indy PopCon”